RIKA is an Oceanscape artist in British Columbia, Canada working in brushed inks, watercolors and metallic leafing. His subject matter is the ocean surrounding the land he loves, the Pacific Northwest.

His locations are beaches and breaks found along the rugged BC coast, favored by surfers for their waves as well as places of special importance to himself. His influences are broad, including First Nations styles from both the Canadian West and the South Pacific. He also draws techniques and materials from Japanese calligraphy.

He spent 10 years living on Vancouver Island where he developed his love for the ocean. In 2000 he moved to Vancouver to finish a degree in design at the Emily Carr Institute and now proudly calls the Downtown East side of Vancouver home.

Rika hopes his art will give these supernatural spaces further value and be a contributor in keeping them wild, protected and free.



Working in India ink, water color and metallic leaf he Initially pencil sketches out the line work and paints in the watercolor skies before the ink, background to foreground. Using brushes of varying thicknesses he applies the large sweeping strokes. Once the detail becomes too fine for brushes, technical pens are introduced for "dotting" and super-fine line work. Heavy weight watercolor paper with little tooth is used so it retains its shape under wet conditions.

While living in Japan Rika was introduced to Shodo Calligraphy. The fundamental and simple brush work that engaged rules of composition, form and balance with functionality. Similarities are found in First Nations artwork here in North America where imagery is built from austere highly balanced Formlines such as ovoids into more complex compositions.

This attention to balance, composition, form and of course beauty as the fundamental building blocks is key to Rika's work.

A good example of balance within his work can be seen in Resident Wave. The top left corner triangle forms are mirror images, positive and negative to the bottom right.


"Nakedwood is dedicated to using reclaimed and sustainably harvested products" ~ Jaxon Howell

In keeping with his West coast style Rika collaborates with Vancouver woodworkers Jaxon Howell at Nakedwood and Tyler Harris at Happy Valley to create beautiful red cedar frames. When possible they use sustainably sourced driftwood with natural "Live Edges". No frame is the same, all have a unique look that compliments the black line work of the art and makes for a holistic coastal piece of art; image to frame.

To inquire about getting your print framed in cedar, or in any other style you wish please contact us.